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How to get there
Entering Kaldbaks-kot cottages Husavik
    KALDBAKS              -KOT
cottages are located by road 85 just 500 m south of the town of Husavik  (1,7 km to the church/centrum).
The cottages are situated on the left side just before you enter the town of Husavik, when you are coming from Myvatn/Akureyri/Reykjavik,
but on the right side just after leaving the town for the road to Myvatn/Akureyri.
The Kaldbakur farm is found on most maps.


From Akureyri: Drive road 1 approx 45 km to the intersection where road 85 goes north (that is to the left, if you are coming from Akureyri) approx 45 km to Husavik.

From Myvatn Reykjahlid: At the intersection of road 1 and road 87 close to Hotel Reykjahlíð, take road 87 to Husavik approx. 48 km.

From Myvatn Skútustadir: Drive road 1 (to Akureyri) approx. 15 km. At the intersection of road 1 and road 85 close to Laugar take road 85 to Husavik approx. 47 km.

From Asbyrgi/Dettifoss/Jokulsarcanyon: take road 85 west at intersections with F862 and also at intersection with road 864. Aprrox. 65km.
Road 85 to Husavik from Akureyri, Myvatn and Reykjavik