The Husavik Museum

The Husavik Museum: Folk museum, Maritime Museum , Natural history collection, District archives  and  Photo archives  (Collection of photographs)

The Whale Museum Husavik

This new museum is a fantastic heroic task to introduce to us, the greatest mammals on earth, the whales And they succeed! You are welcome for a visit to this new museum. It is situated in the old freezing plant of the co-operative company in Husavik. It is in the harbour area. You can not miss it. Entrance is from the harbour "boulevard". Admission fee.

Grenjadastadur folkmuseum

Grenjadarstadur - Folk Museum The oldest part of the Grenjadarstadur farm dates from 1865. Shortly later, or 1877, the farm was rebuilt from the old extant timbers. The Grenjadarstadur farm was long considered one of the finest of its kind in the area, and it was certainly the largest, 775 m 2 in all. It is a fine example of a grand 19th century farm and family seat, needing dozens of farmhands for its activities and maintenance. Admission fee.

The Automotive Museum at Ystafell

This museum is located at the farm Ystafell where the co-operative society of Iceland was founded. You can not miss it . Cars and something to drive on wheels are everywhere. Inside are the jewels of this private museum well kept and better built. This is in Iceland! Just unbelivable. Admission fee

The Fossils Museum at Hallbjarnarstadir

Did you know that the poles of the earth have changed places several times? The earth has "rolled over" and suddenly we are in the tropic climate! Do you need a proof? Visit this private owned museum of fossils from the Tjörnes peninsula layers. Shells and fossils of creatures taht can only survive in the hot climate of the earth are on display. The museum is located just 10 km north of Husavik. Turn at the farm marked "Hallbjarnarstaðir museum" and enjoy the museum. Afterwards it is interesting to drive the road (close to Hallbjarnarstaðir museum ) marked "Tjörneshöfn". Drive all the way. Open the gates and close after you. At a small harbour you can take the walk by the small river and look at the real fossils. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING FROM THE SITE UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE MUSEUM. Admission fee.

The Folk Museum at Mánárbakki.

Small but very nice private museum on the Tjornes peninsula. Drive north from Husavik approx 25 km and at the farm Manarbakki you turn and the owners will open the museum for visitors by request. The old and funny but nice things of life reminds us of the fact that time is a wonderful thing.
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